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We sometimes take for granted the blessings we have because of all the technology around us.  Just about anywhere you look you can find an entire copy of the Holy Qur'an and most of us carry it in our pockets, on our apps, or sitting for decoration on our desks.  But do we put the time and effort the way people who do not have this available do? 


Braille is a common system of dots, devised by Louis Braille in the 18th century, which enables people without sight to read.  Each Braille letter or cell as it’s termed, consists of six dots, arranged in a pattern of three dots down and two across.  Different combinations of these dots make up the different letters of the alphabet and each of these combinations can consist of up to six dots.


UKIM Dawah underway this campaign to raise more funds to buy a Braille machine and print the Braille Quran for the blind people. UKIM Dawah raise awareness in the community that these visually impaired people are ignorant of the true light and UKIM Dawah take a step to provide support and knowledge to the blind people. Visually impaired people also needs proper education, development and understanding the message of Islam. People have contacted us and demand a copy of Braille Quran from different parts of the world, and UKIM Dawah will do its best to facilitate the support they need.


The blind are enormously obliged to collect a Braille Quran as most of them are not able to pay for one. Giving them Braille Qurans are just a sadqa e jarriah, so it benefits the donor as well as the receiver, Insha’Allah.


Now promoting Braille Quran literacy throughout the world.



If you would like to sponsor/donate a Braille Quran, please donate through PayPal to “UKIM Dawah Centre”. Due to high quality paper used for the blind to read accurately with their fingers little bit expensive. Braille Quran is in set of 6 volumes and one set cost £100.



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