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UKIM Alum Rock Masjid will also be inviting inter-faith leaders as well, and all will be asked to come together to demonstrate unity and solitary during what has been a tense time for faith communities.


Mosques from all four countries of the UK, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are involved, and in major cities of the country. There are over 80 mosques and growing taking part - more than triple the numbers of mosques that took part last year.


The list represents the diversity in Islamic traditions, with mosques from a wide variety of Islamic schools of thought and traditions taking part, including some of the country's largest mosques seasoned in doing outreach activities, as well as smaller mosques holding open days for the first time.


Men, women and children of all ages are welcome.


Anyone in the UK can use the MCB website to search for their nearest mosque taking part in holding an open day on Sunday 7th February.


Invitation Leaflets are available in Masjid and we encourage you to bring your Non-Muslim friends to come and visit UKIM Alum Rock Masjid.


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