Testimony Of Faith (Shahada)



These are the foundation of Muslim life and Muslims are required to observe them with utmost commitment. Just like a building lacks strength without well-built pillars, a believer’s relationship with Allah lacks focus without observance of the five pillars. These pillars form the foundation and starting point for all other good deeds and acts of worship to Allah.


The Testimony of Faith (Shahada)


The testimony of faith is the most important pillar of Islam.The word shahada actually means to testify or to bear witness. There are actually two parts to the shahada which when taken together is often called the Shahadatayn, meaning “two testimonies.” The full shahadatayn requires a statement testifying to Allah’s monotheistic qualities and another statement testifying that Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) is the messenger of Allah.


The statement of Shahadah in Arabic is:


Ash-hadu al laa ilaaha illallah wa ash-hadu anna Muhammad ur rasulullah


“I bear witness that there is no god except Allah”,And I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”


The statement of faith must be a genuine belief that includes the following articles of faith.


  • Belief in One God (Allah) – Allah is one and has no partners or equals.


  • Belief in the Prophets – Allah sent prophets to every nation (Qur’an, An-Nahl, 16:36) to provide mankind with guidance, so      that they could walk the straight path of Allah, live happily in this world and be prepared for life after death. Their fundamental message was identical, reminding mankind of Allah’s oneness, the reward of a good      life, the Day of Judgment and the terrible punishment for disbelievers.


  • Belief in the Holy Books – Allah sent messages to humanity through His prophets. These messages are contained in the Holy      Books of Allah:


  • The Suhuf (Scrolls), revealed to the Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham), and now lost
  • The Taurut (Torah), revealed to the Prophet Musa (Moses)
  • The Zabur (Psalms), revealed to the Prophet Daud (David)
  • The Injil (Gospels), revealed to the Prophet Isa (Jesus)
  • The Qur’an, revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)


  • Belief in Angels – In addition to the physical world we know, Allah created a world invisible to us in which angels exist. The angels are sinless. They require no food, drink or sleep. They have neither physical desires nor material needs. The chief responsibility of the angels is to praise Allah and to do his will. The most important of the angels is Jibr’il (Gabriel). On behalf of Allah, Jibr’il (Gabriel) revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) his mission and the perfect verses of the Holy Qur’an. Each human being is assigned angels who serve as guardians and recorders of the individual’s deeds, both good and bad.


  • Belief in the Day of Judgement – The belief of life after  death and in the resurrection of the dead on the Day of Judgement is an essential part of Islamic faith. It gives meaning to life and sets the  joys and troubles of this life into a much wider context. Any person who  believes in life after death will be afraid of acting against the will of   Allah. He will be conscious of the fact that Allah is watching all his  actions and the angels are recording them.


  • Belief in Fate – Everything that happens is the will of Allah and is preordained. Acceptance of fate is an  essential element in submitting to the will of Allah.


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